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    • Guardian Interlock of Kansas City

      Guardian AMS2000

      The Guardian AMS2000 is the most advanced ignition interlock device available. If you have a DUI, find out more about the AMS2000 today.
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    • Guardian Interlock of Kansas City

      Interlock Cup

      We offer interlock cups that protect your interlock device and your privacy. Ask us about the interlock cup today.

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    • Guardian Interlock of Kansas City

      Forms & Links

      Start the process of regaining your driving privileges. Our forms and links contain useful information.

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    Guardian Interlock of Kansas City

    Welcome To Guardian Interlock of Kansas City

    Conviction for a DUI offense is a stressful and costly experience. Getting back on the road is part of putting that mistake behind you. In order to restore your driving privileges on a restricted basis, the state of Kansas requires the installation of an in-car breathalyzer known as a DUI ignition interlock device. Guardian Interlock of Kansas City in Shawnee, KS is licensed by the state to install, service and calibrate interlock devices so you can drive again. We will calibrate your device every 30 days as required.

    DUI Prevention

    At Guardian Interlock of Kansas City, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Our business allows us to help safeguard the public while giving offenders the opportunity to drive legally.

    Call Us Today

    We are registered dealers of the Guardian AMS2000 and Interlock Cup. Call us today to learn more.

    • Guardian AMS2000 Features

      Guardian Interlock of Kansas CityThe Guardian AMS2000 is a technologically advanced interlock device installed and serviced by Guardian Interlock of Kansas City in Shawnee, KS. Once we install the interlock device in your vehicle, it is ready for use. We will teach you how to operate it after installation. When you turn the Guardian AMS2000 on, the display will take you through the steps you need to complete in order to start your vehicle, including performing the breath test by blowing into the device. The device also displays a countdown to your next calibration appointment. The AMS2000 is compact and fits well into any vehicle. When the unit needs service, just detach the handset. We also recommend removing the handset from your vehicle when not in use to protect it from extreme cold, heat and theft.

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